online marketing

As the years passing by, more and more companies explore the potential in online marketing. Paralell to this, online marketing techniques and tools offer more and more methods to companies to aim their target audiences as accurately as possible and more cost-effective. Trough this, companies can gain new clients and customers ever more efficiently, and earn more inquiries and orders from the existing clients.

Even you want to make a website or webshop that was developed by us, or an existing one more successful, or you want to do the same with your products or services, Different is at your disposal in more than one online marketing areas: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads campaigns and ads), social media marketing (Facebook and Instagram campaigns and ads), newsletter campaigns. These online marketing areas are successful separately too, but naturally it is possible to run them together, and this way they generate the traffic even more.

The Way We Work

Online marketing areas


(Search Engine Optimization)


With Search Engine Optimization it is achievable for your website or website to get on the top of the search result page of Google, when users are searching for keywords that are important for you in Google's search engine. You can gain constant traffic, and with it constant visitors and customers, because people are searching more often, they are looking for and purchasing more and more things on the internet. So Different makes this possible for you.
Search Engine Optimization is relatively a long process, because Google's algorythms are evaluate the conducted work gradually, but in the long run it is very remunerative, because a website or webshop, that is positioned on top of the search engine result page (SERP) has the large percentage of the organic (non paid) traffic.


(Search Engine Marketing)


Search Engine Marketing, and within that Google Ads provides an opportunity to appear with custom ads or with ads automatically built and optimized by Google on the websites of Google and it's partners. You can choose between text based, visual and mixed campaings, that are appearing in the Google's search engine, on it's partner's sites, on Gmail. Also, you can display ads on Youtube or advertise your mobile app. In addition to basic targeting, remarketing can also be used, which can direct clients towards you with big efficiency, who are searching for relevant for your product- and service range. We do the background processes, so you should only concentrate on the clients.