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2018. február 28.
Mutasd mind

New year, new website

We at Different Development place importance on quality, skilled work and continous renewal, which we represented for alredy 22 years. We felt that our new and returning customers deserve a website, where they find the information they need in a simple and well presented interface. Recognizing this, we worked a little on ourselves and we present our best and most up to date page for you now.

When designing the new page we wanted to makes sure that our new site is user friendly, communicate our main services in a simple way. Such services are web and application development and also our unique solutions and brand design services.

Naturally, we made sure to not only include general information, but also present concrete references. Clicking on the Products menu, you’ll find our custom developed services.

IT sector or 21.st century aside, we belive in meeting in person, so feel free to reach out with your questions on any of our contact channels. If you want to work with an innovative, youthful team, don’t hesitate!

The Different Development name represents quality and innovation since 1995.