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Apart from developing custom softwares, our company has complete systems as well. We offer general and special cloud based systems to your company, that are reducing the time that is needed for adminsitration, so you can pay attention to those tasks, that generates profit to your company. These softwares are also helping in managing the clients and colleagues, the processes can be followed up through reports and they are increasing security. Of course the systems are available on computers, smartphones and tablets.


RUAC gives you full control regarding to the entering and exiting of your colleges, presence and working hours tracking. The entering and exiting can be done with RFID and NFC device, but also it can be automatized with the mobile application and Virtual Entry points (VEP). The system can handle more than one premises in a site, or more sites and cameras, so it can be used as a security system as well. The gathered data can be exported even rawly and imported to other softwares. The big advantage of RUAC is also that it can be placed in operation in a very short amount of time and it can be operated easily. We provide the hardware background as well.

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The eMechanic system makes the work much easier for car servicing companies. You can store not only the private persons and their cars, but full company fleets in the cloud based database. The managing of the reservations, technical tests, working stations are fluent, as well as the recording of the costs of the performed workflows and parts. The system is able to bill and can generate various, template based forms.

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Vending System

Are you working on the catering market, but the recording of the orders, managing of the storage and the administration takes a lot of time away from you and / or from your colleges? Then the Vending System is the perfect choise is for you! Make the background processes quicker, so serving guests can be smoother! They can order online, you can identify them based on their telephone number, so the order submission will be quicker, and also you can set discounts to them. You can manage the food raw materials easily, and you can create recipes and menus from them. The stock, the suppliers and acquisitions, as well as the colleges aren't a problem either. Soon the billing will be intergrated too.

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With the MyCal time reservation system, you can easily and qickly manage the appointments of the sport halls and fields and service locations. Be it gyms, tennis or squash courts, hair dressers, cosmetics or masseurs, you can handle all appointments in one place, and you don't have to be afraid of your schedule will become caotic. In MyCal, you can follow the booked locations up structured and you can set e-mail notifications for the new appointments.

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