Setting up Zimbra in
Apple Mail

The guide below helps setting up Apple Mail to accept Zimbra e-mails.
Click on the File > Add account… button.

In the appearing window add the name, the wanted e-mail address and it's password, and click on the Continue button.

At the Account Type set the POP3 option. Set the address atIncoming Mail Server. At User Name the ending is needed, you must add this as will in the field. The password is filled out automatically. When finished, click on the Continue button.

At the Outgoing Mail Server set the address. If the Use Authentication is not ticked, choose the User Name and Password values as before. When finished, click on the Continue button.

Inspect the values. Tick the Take account online (if it wasn't already), and click on the Create button, which creates the account.

Click on the Mail > Preferences… button.

Open the Accounts tab and choose the newly created account from the list on the left.

From the drop-down list in the middle, on the Outgoing Mail Server section choose Edit SMTP Server List….

From the upper list on the appearing window choose the address. Inspect the bottom section's Advanced tab , that the Use default ports is choosen and Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is ticked.

If something was changed on the previous window, then close it with the Ok button, if not, then with the Cancel button. On the interface in the middle go to the Advanced tab and inspect that the Port value is 995 on the buttom, and the Use SSL is ticked.