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As we have seen over the years, the importance of online appearance and the softwares which are helping the work and life of the companies and their clients are growing. There is almost no industry or service sector, which is not affected by this. Companies can gain a big competitive advantage by using the opportunities of he 21st century, like a well built, search engine friendy website, a user friendly, useful mobile application or a enterprise management software. Different has more than 20 years of experiance in the above mentioned high quality services for the satisfaction of its clients.

Website and webshop development

The internet and the websites and webshops are part of our lifes for quite some time, moreover, they are big determining factors. So much so, that many people using them partially, or fully for gathering information or purchasing products. That's why it is important nowadays for a company to own a website and / or a webshop, because in the absence of these it can lose a lot of potential customers. If you doesn't have website or webshop, or if it is old, or perhaps you want to have more than one, then Different is the partner you are looking for: starting from landing pages, trough corporate introductory websites, to complex webshops and custom softwares, we can offer you professional solutions.

Mobil és tablet applikáció fejlesztés

Spreading of the smartphones and tablets become enormous in the last few years. The reason for this is understandable, because you can do and arrange a lot of things on a device, that fits comfortably in a pocket or bag. So more market and state companies appear every day in this segment with their own applications. An easy to use, clean, but versatile application which is providing a high quality user experince can achieve big successes among the clients. We are at your disposal in this area, we are making apps for Android and iOS systems as well.

Custom software development

Nowadays many things can be done with ready out of the box systems, which are providing complete experience for the users after configuring, customizing and content upload. But in many cases the companies have such custom needs, when custom development is needed. Be it such websites or webshops which need to have completely custom functionalities, corporate online or offline systems or mobile applications in general, the needs for custom development is unlimited, as our experiences show as well. This experience not only covers the needs of these softwares, but the professional and customer-oriented development of them.


Probably everybody knows, that corporate identity of some companies are much more appealing and it simply fixes better compared to others. This is a huge advantage: if a company stands out in an environment, where clients are bombarded with stimuli most of the day from many directions, it can achieve mich bigger market share against its competitors. It's a complex process, from the colors, trough the logo and slogen, to the messages targeted to the customers, it is advisable to pay attention to everyting for successful brand building. Our professional graphic and marketing colleagues can assist your company in this area too.

Online marketing

You can have phenomenal products or services, if you doesn't appear in front of the customers, your company will not be successful. The traditional marketing tools can be used to counter this, but the opportunities that are lying in online marketing can give a huge boost to the development of your business. With the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can appear on the top of the Google search result pages with time, and you can gain clients from here in the long run. You can use Google Ads to advertise for the most appropriate keywords for people searching on the internet. The Facebook and Instagram campaigns give you the opportunity to appear with engaging advertisements to your most important target audiences. With newsletter campaigns, you can build an ever growing following group which can be coverted to clients or customers. We at Different are familiar with these online marketing areas, so if you want an initial or another big boost to your company, feel free to contact us!

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